About Owner




Certified Credit Consultant and Educator, Bievienea is the leading force behind Pretty Girls Goals – women empowerment & lifestyle brand.


They say you are your best teacher. The world, the people around you and the situations you encounter cannot teach you as much as you can teach yourself by correcting your mistakes. Bievienea's story is a living example of this claim. She started her career as a healthcare professional. The money she earned was carelessly and rather lavishly thrown around on her own expenses; lavish dinners, shopaholic streaks and careless expenditures were a norm for her.

It was after the birth of her child, when the responsibilities that come with being a mom dawned upon her - this made Bievienea take the decision to turn her life around. She no longer wanted to fine-dine or spend money on lavish clothes. All she wanted was to manage her expenses and get the most out of the money she had. It all started with a small budget, as Bievienea started getting a hold on her financial expenditures.

Through her exposure to budgeting and financial literacy, Bievienea realized just how easy numbers came to her. She fell in love with budgeting and took her passion of numbers forward by taking additional courses on budgeting and money management. With her newfound passion she saw an increase in her financial literacy and an eventual increase in her savings and credit ratio. She had singlehandedly turned her financial situation around. It was then and there that Bievienea decided to pursue her passion and interest forward by creating her own business to address this problem. This is how, Pretty Girl Goals came into being.

Along with running her company, Bievienea is also a student at The Real Estate School of Business. She is a proud member of the Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce and also a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

In her free time, Bievienea likes spending time with her daughter, cooking, painting and giving back to the society in one way or the other. She is always up for a discussion on finance, budgeting and goal management.