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Everyone has dreams worth living for. However, it is easy to lose track of how we plan to achieve such dreams in a fast-moving world. Do you know that with the right planners and inspiration, you can be unstoppable? Pretty Girl Goals introduces to you a new way of growth and learning towards your dream lifestyle. Together, we would not only discover but also explore your potentials to the fullest. Find out more

Plan Your Future Today!

Women are different and special. If you have ever felt like you were not doing enough to reach your goals, it is time to wave that feeling goodbye because you can now attain your heart desires. 

Pretty Girl Goals will help you to make giant strides towards your goals with our remarkable and revolutionary planners. We are building a generation of goal-getters. Wait no longer. Purchase your planner!

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Our planners are made for women in the millennial generation because we understand that the peculiar challenges women face in our modern world today. Thus, we have come up with relevant solutions to address such problems. 

What's Inside.....

Vision Board 

Monthly Expense Sheet

Monthly Calendar 

Monthly Review Sheet

No Spend Challenge 

Credit Score Tracker

College Savings Tracker 

Dream House Tracker

26 Week Money Challenge 

Debt Snowball Sheet

Credit, Finance & Budget Tips

Yearly Review 

and more! 



About Pretty Girl Goals

Who Are We?

Pretty Girl Goals is a lifestyle brand recently created to inspire and motivate women to be the best version of themselves. Since breaking into the retail/stationery industry, we have spurred thousands of women to become the best version of themselves by investing in their dreams and setting career goals.

 What Do We Do?

We help women to reach their goals. Our planners include goal setting and financial planning to help women. Whether you are a businesswoman or a career person, you can rest assured that our planners will help you make the most of your resources. 

 Mission Statement

To express the aspirations of a hardworking and focused woman while creating invaluable products to help them reach their goals.

 Our Vision

To lead a peculiar generation of millennial women by helping them become pacesetters in business, career, and personal life.